Community Inclusion

We recently hosted a family games night and it was a total blast! Watching folks from our church and local community interacting with one another and having such a good time was a real blessing and it got me thinking about the absolute importance of community inclusion. As a church in times like these it can be tempting to become insular and isolated, but if we do that how will we ever get the Gospel of Jesus Christ out into the world?

We work hard at Cornerstone to organise outreach events like these because we see the value in engaging with our community. We realise the need to include people from the world in what we are doing so that we can begin to get to know them and share our faith with them. People need to feel welcomed and valued by the church or they’ll never get chance to experience God’s love from us. When buildings or budgets become the focus then its time to rethink our methodology.

We’re already planning our next community event and praying that The Holy spirit will lead people to The Father through the loving interactions we have with the folks that come along. We’d encourage you to think about how you can include your local community into the life of your church.