Incarnate Deity

Seasons Greetings folks! Christmas is a tricky season isn’t it? For many of us there are memories of departed loved ones. For others there is the struggle of trying to keep up with the increasing material and financial demands that social trends place upon us. Perhaps we feel that we don’t want our kids to have less presents than their classmates. Then there are the endless stream of Christmas parties and social gatherings. Phew! It can truly be a time that is physically and emotionally draining.

The craziest part for me is that the Christmas insanity is the very opposite of what advent means. In God taking on flesh He came to release people from the shackles of the material world and its demands. Christ’s arrival brings an opportunity for us to disengage the escapism of consumerism. The accounts of Jesus birth are peaceful and drew both poor shepherds and wealthy wise men into hushed awe.

God knows what its like to be human and face the onslaught of daily life and societal expectations because of the very fact that he took on flesh and lived among us. I’d encourage you to take time where you can this Christmas season to seek His peace in your life and His presence as you celebrate, whatever your traditions might look like. After all Jesus came as Emmanual, God with us, and He truly desires to be with you. Allow Him to be your focus and the other stuff will find its rightful place