Celebrate Christmas

At this time of year our thoughts are often focused on Christmas. It’s been an odd year to say the least and so of course that can lead to an odd Christmas – perhaps you won’t be able to see your loved ones or have that huge family reunion you so cherish. However, if this year has proved anything to us it’s that we can and do adapt incredibly well to the strangest of circumstances. Yes things are different, but if we persevere we can find ways to make the most out of the situation and to share joy in the midst of difficulties. I want to really encourage us to focus our attention on Jesus this advent season and make a point of exercising the spiritual discipline of celebration. All of the disciplines of our faith take exactly that – effort, purpose, forethought and a bit of hard work. But they yield spiritual dividends and bring God honour. Let’s celebrate Christmas this year and share the renewed sense of hope that it brings with those around us: Pick up the phone; write a letter; drop a card through you’re neighbours letterbox; find creative ways to share seasons greetings and God’s great love made manifest. Merry Christmas folks from all at Cornerstone

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