Decemeber Winter time Celebrations with the Cornerstone Family

Hi All,

Just a few bits of news. Please know that we are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. It did happen, and we are unapologetically celebrating it. Some may say that the Bible does not explicitly say that we should celebrate his birth, but the Bible also does not explicitly say that we should not celebrate his birth. There are many things that we regularly do (and frankly take for granted) in this technologically advanced age that the Bible does not explicitly inform us about. What should we then do? I recommend that we give glory to God and that all that we do we do acknowledge praise and thanks to Him. Regardless, the Bible does tell us that people did celebrate when Christ was born. There were those who travelled to meet the child and they did celebrate his birth by giving gifts. So I, for one, will be celebrating as per usual, and I also recommend that you join along. In addition, ‘celebration’ is a Christian/Spiritual discipline. It is a thing we do to engage with God in a real and spiritually blessed way.

We at Cornerstone will have celebration parties for the regular mid-week meetings. We will also be having a special Christmas Eve (24th) morning celebration for (and with) the whole family at Cornerstone at our regular meeting place (Shotts Community Centre) and at our regular time (10:30 am). Please join us!!! And bring your family and friends.

During the Month of December leading up to the Christmas Eve service, I (Scott) will be teaching a series on ‘living an eternal kind of life’ originally inspired by Dallas Willard’s book The Divine Conspiracy. Please come along and have some fellowship.

Also, please keep your eyes on the ‘music’ page. There will be some new music release in December. One is an alternative to rock and punker music project called ‘fear’ by Dystopian Futures (out now), and another is a worship music project by myself (Scott Key) called ‘Meditations of Celebration’ (due to be released around 18th of December).

Have a Merry Christmas!!!

Pastor Scott