Keeping The Gospel Central

God has been speaking to me recently, more reminding me I suppose, about the centrality of The Gospel. We can get really busy as Christians with all sorts of really awesome programs of outreach and ways to bless our neighbours and I’m all for that, as long as the central heart of what we are doing is that the Gospel of Jesus Christ be proclaimed.

1 Corinthians 9:16 – Yet preaching the Good News is not something I can boast about. I am compelled by God to do it. How terrible for me if I didn’t preach the Good News!

Now I’m not saying you should jump in a car with a megaphone and start driving round your neighbourhood yelling “Jesus Loves You” (unless God tells you too!), but I am suggesting that we all prayerfully consider how our life and work as Christians can better communicate Jesus. Deeds are awesome but there is also a time for words. For me what this looks like right now that is being more prayerful about sharing the Gospel, asking God for those opportunities and then not being afraid to take them when the arrive.

May God bless you as you seek to keep the good news at the heart of all that you are and do.
In Christ – Dave

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