Utilitarian Society (A Poem)

As the latch key kids crawl up poverty hill

With curmudgeons and crones blindly wishing them well

Move over tired politics, its time for the youth

Your ways aren’t working and we’re seeing the proof

You’re utilitarian education system

Fails for a lack of compassion and wisdom

It’s time to be different and it’s time to be weird

We don’t even care if we’re going to be jeered

And the social security you promised this people

Is anything but secure, it’s anti-social and feeble

Austerity has millions staring death in the face

Depression and fear now characterise this place

A system of governance based upon dread

Don’t stir the hornets nest, don’t touch the spiders web

Buy you’re double negatives can never affect change

Only Truth and Love can help us rearrange

Just as Sputnik sparked a wasteful race to the moon

You’re squandering our resources like total buffoons

Community agency, Divine Intervention, local voices

We truly believe that these are valid choices